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 Cold Beauty primarily focuses on the emerging market of cryotherapy facials and CBD beauty and wellness products. Cold Beauty is positioned not only as a beauty treatment but an experience! 

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Cold Beauty

Cryo facial


Try a Cold Beauty Facial and begin to reverse the aging process of your skin and get that youthful glow! 

Revitalize your skin with a non-invasive treatment, using a controlled stream of hyper-cooled stream of air on the skin of the face, neck area, and scalp. The treatment boosts blood flow accelerating collagen production and releasing toxins. The collagen decreases pore size and wrinkles resulting in a clearer, smoother and tighter appearance. 

Repeated facial sessions will increase the natural production of collagen, a protein which allows the skin to be more elastic overtime, reducing and even eliminating wrinkles and other blemishes. The increased blood flow also reduces toxins, inflammation and puffiness in the face and eyes. Treatment on the scalp stimulates hair follicle growth for a thicker, healthier head of hair.

Reported benefits of Cold Beauty Facial* for beauty and anti-aging include:

Reduce pore size

Decrease wrinkles and lines

Stimulate collagen production

Improve blood flow

Triggers hair follicle growth on scalp

Soothes eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis

Brighten dark spots

Pop-Up Cryo Events


A Pop-Up Cryo event brings people into your business for a unique "beauty" experience. Use the opportunity to introduce new customers to your venue. Get creative! Incorporate your business into the event with a custom package, plan a beer or wine tasting, offer a special menu, feature live music, or let us brainstorm more unique ideas.

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Localized Cryotherapy

Additional Information

Local Cryotherapy is used for accelerated healing of specific areas of the body. During the treatment, skin is exposed to extreme cold temperatures. This process helps improve oxygen and nutrient circulation, increases collagen production, boosts metabolism, promotes pain reduction and anti-inflammatory responses plus helps flush toxins from the skin, muscle tissue, and joints. 


Chronic Pain and Arthritis – Decrease inflammation, manage pain, improve relaxation and also help to decrease stress, migraines, headaches and symptoms of depression, anxiety and fatigue.


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